Student Reviews


You want to take guitar lessons from a guitar teacher who knows how students reach their musical goals. Read some of my student reviews, and see what my students have to say about taking lessons from me…

“I’m a beginner guitarist who has been taking lessons from Rick for a while now. He’s a very relaxed, skilled, and encouraging teacher. I really appreciate the opportunity to give input on what types of music or specific songs I’d like to work on. Rick gives regular instruction on music theory along with technique that is very helpful the more I practice. I’d recommend Rick to anyone wanting to improve their guitar playing.”

-Dave P.

“I’ve taken music lessons from numerous teachers, none of whom who have been as genuinely invested in my success as Rick. Rick takes the time to develop lesson-plans that focus specifically on what I want to learn, the way I need to learn it. In the end, my guitar skills have increased more in just a few months with Rick than I would have thought possible with any other teacher!”

-Daniel R.

“Rick is an amazing teacher! I have been taking guitar lessons from him for almost two years. He relates to his students in a way I have not seen in an instructor before. He is very positive, and knowledgeable. Not only does he teach the structure and rhythm that was so difficult for me before, he explains the theory behind it all. At thirty eight years old I am so happy to be able express my emotions in a more positive way. It’s not true. You can teach old dog new tricks!”

-Rian D.

“I have been taking lessons from Rick for about 3 months, and I am really happy with my progress. First off, I am now finger-picking, which is a technique I could never learn, even with my first guitar teacher. Rick’s teaching style is easy, laid back, professional, and varied—he teaches you many new techniques and chords and ways of playing each week, so things never get boring. He asked me to name some of the music I liked when we first started, and now I am about halfway through learning one of my favorite Fleetwood Mac songs! He is very knowledgeable and a great player, but not all great guitarists are great teachers. Rick is definitely a great teacher as well, and worth every penny.”

-Lauren A.

“Rick doesn’t just teach guitar, he teaches you how to be a musician.”

-Heath P.

“Rick’s lessons and teachings will leave a permanent positive impact on the way you look at guitar.”

-Tony I.

“He is a very knowledgeable, patient, and educated teacher that i would recommend to all of my friends and family.”

-Jeremy G.

“When I have time to sit with the guitar, I refer to his notes and remember the guidance, which is invaluable.”

-Hobie A.

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