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Hey Portland! We’re Rick and Joel, and we want to teach you to play guitar.

Portland Guitar Lessons

We offer guitar lessons customized to your individual musical goals and interests. Take lessons with us, and you’ll be surprised at how much fun learning the guitar can be.

Learn From the Best

Between the two of us, we’ve been playing guitar for more than 40 years, and we have nearly two decades of teaching experience. We are now accepting students of all ages and skill levels.

We teach all styles of rock, blues, folk, country, pop, reggae, funk, music theory, improvisation, songwriting, standard notation, arrangement, and more!

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  • Char Aubrey

    Rick has been an incredible teacher to our teenage son! He's patient, encouraging, skilled and keeps his students engaged. We... read more

    Amy Getman

    My 11 year son loves Rick! He says he’s a great teacher and easy to understand !

    Andrew Johnson

    Rick is super with our son, patient instructor with attention to detail!
    Also, flexible and helpful with scheduling. Recommendation without reservation!

  • Shannon G

    Rick Klaras is the greatest! Our 11yo son is learning to play the ukulele with Rick and is thoroughly enjoying... read more

    Katharine Reiner van der Hoorn

    Rick is so special. He is an amazing, thoughtful, caring person, who happens to be an amazing guitar teacher. He... read more

    Emily Lucas

    I have been taking lessons with Rick for almost a year. He is a wonderful musician and teacher. He is... read more

  • Jami Ferraris

    My daughter has been taking lessons with Rick for some time now, and it's been a great experience! Rick is... read more

    Justine Jephson

    I've been getting lessons from Rick for about a year now and it's been a great experience. I had... read more

    Monica Faricy

    I’m retired and have time to take guitar lessons. I’m so glad to have found Rick to teach me. He... read more

  • Wayne Skall

    I have loved music since the Sixties but I have never been a musician until lately. A few years ago... read more

    Andrew Ashley

    I’ve been taking lessons from Rick for a few months now. Overall he’s a great teacher with lots of patience.... read more

    rr knude

    Been taking lessons as a beginner guitarist for a few months with Rick,he’s an excellent teacher,highly recommend

  • Audrey Marie

    Rick has been teaching my daughter to play guitar for almost two years. She sometimes goes to the lesson a... read more

    Shannon Miller

    Rick had been teaching our 11 year old daughter for over a year. She has made a lot of progress... read more


    Rick is knowledgeable, talented and a natural at teaching. He’s a good listener and knows how to adjust to an... read more

  • Dat Nguyen

    Rick doesn't rush me to the dead corner if I can't play the thing. He's nice and supportive. I feel... read more

    Julee Welch

    I fully echo the positive reviews others have left. Rick has been nothing but patient and encouraging since I... read more

    Nick Garcia

    I'm 41 years old and just decided this year that I wanted to learn guitar. I had no musical... read more

  • John Lewis

    I have been taking lessons for over a year with Rick and he has been superb! He has always... read more

    The Scratchkin

    If you're in the market for a super rad guitar teacher, check out Rick. My son, Quinton, loves him. Rick... read more

    Alexis Andrews

    Taking guitar lessons from Rick has been a great experience. His lessons are a highlight of my week, as he... read more

  • Casey Emmerling

    Rick is an extremely knowledgeable, patient and helpful guitar teacher. He breaks down the theory in a way that makes... read more

    pam kunse

    Great teachers! A fun and positve environment making it easy to learn and grow. We've been taking lessons from Joel... read more

    Lisa Calgaro

    I took lessons from Rick for a couple of years. Rick was always very patient, knowledgeable, and fun! What I... read more

  • Vision Kz

    My 12 year old has been learning guitar from Rick for over a year now and he has learned quite... read more

    Eric Lozano

    Rick is clear, attentive and goal oriented. I'm an adult student with a busy life. And on those weeks when... read more

    Robyn & Josh Alper

    Rick has been an amazing guitar teacher for our teenage daughter, and we're so happy we found him! Each... read more

  • Alice Wright

    Rick has been teaching guitar to our teen son for a couple of years, and I would definitely recommend him.... read more

    Ellen West

    Rick is a rad teacher!
    After a few months of failing to teach myself guitar, I started taking lessons from...
    read more

    Charlotte Champ

    My daughter took ukulele from Rick for 6 months, in that time the improvement was amazing due to the fact... read more

  • Abigail Susik

    Rick is an incredible teacher and a very nice person! I highly recommend lessons with Rick.

    Mathew Williams

    Been taking lessons for nearly a year now. Rick is always very patient, knowledgeable, and friendly. He is willing to... read more

    Richard Miller

    Rick has been such a wonderful instructor to my daughter, who expressed interest in learning ukulele but who was nervous... read more

  • katy black

    I have taken classes with Rick for the last 6 or so months. Going into it I was fully prepared... read more

    Mya Root

    My daughter is 11 and takes lessons with Rick. We could not be happier with the lessons! His communication style... read more

    adam chully

    I've taken lessons from Rick for almost two years now and he is a great guy and an amazing teacher.... read more

  • Chris Kurtz

    Rick has a rare combination - a highly skilled guitarist AND a special teacher. He truly listens, takes notes,... read more

    Charlie Presti

    Rick is an amazing guitar teacher. He crafts lessons to suit your style and experience, and does an excellent... read more

    Grace Kali

    Rick is a gifted teacher, offering structure to the student's musical interest with a relaxed approach and genuine enthusiasm for... read more

  • Al Bayme

    Rick is an excellent teacher. Scheduling: Prompt responses and flexible regarding scheduling.Lessons: He tailors the lessons and content... read more

    Kelly Lincoln

    I've been working with Rick for about 6 months now and I couldn't speak more highly of him as a... read more

    Dave Pell

    Howdy,I'm a beginner guitarist who has been taking lessons from Rick for a while now. He's a very relaxed, skilled,... read more

  • Heath Payne

    I've been taking guitar lessons from Rick on and off for a while now. His versatility as a musician really... read more

    Tony Iacone

    In the few lessons that I did have with Rick, I learned more about the intricacies involved in creative and... read more

    Hobie Anthony

    Rick was knowledgeable and patient with me and my guitar studies. It was clear to me that I could have... read more

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