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portland-guitar-lessonsHi. My name is Rick Klaras, and I want to be your Portland guitar teacher.

I offer guitar lessons customized to your individual musical goals and interests. Take lessons with me, and you’ll be surprised at how easy and fun learning the guitar can be.

I’ve been playing guitar for more than 20 years, and I have more than a decade of teaching experience. I am now accepting students of all ages and skill levels.

I teach all styles of Rock, Blues, Folk, Country, Pop, Reggae, Funk, Music Theory, Improvisation, Songwriting, Standard Notation, Arrangement, and more.

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Student Testimonials

  • 5 star rating  I have taken classes with Rick for the last 6 or so months. Going into it I was fully prepared to begin with the most monotonous and grueling songs for the first year at least. While he does incorporate classic beginners songs, he also writes tablature that learners can understand in order for you to play your favorite songs right off the bat. I love playing and I have learned so much faster than I had expected to; and I think that my passion had a lot to do with Rick's teaching styles. He's incredibly patient and helpful, and he works around my schedule as much as he can. Also, his lessons are pretty much the cheapest you can find in the Portland area. All around this guy is a great teacher.

    Katy Black Avatar Katy Black

    5 star rating  Rick has been such a wonderful instructor to my daughter, who expressed interest in learning ukulele but who was nervous about whether it would be difficult since she has never studied music before. Rick has made her feel so comfortable every step of the way, and I have been able to listen to them make such lovely music together sitting in on the lessons in his charming studio. Rick has a gentle, encouraging manner with kids, and my daughter has been transformed from someone who was nervous about trying music to someone who is making big plans about joining the band at school. Thank you for everything, Rick!

    Richard Miller Avatar Richard Miller

    5 star rating  I took lessons from Rick for a couple of years. Rick was always very patient, knowledgeable, and fun! What I loved most was that he would teach technique through conventional methods but also throw in some rad songs that kept it fun. I would highly recommend him as a teacher for both children and adults.

    Lisa Calgaro Avatar Lisa Calgaro
  • 5 star rating  Rick is clear, attentive and goal oriented. I'm an adult student with a busy life. And on those weeks when my practice does not match our goals he adjusts and works to keep me moving forward. Which I appreciate. Also, I very much appreciate that RIck is an active musician. His passion comes through in his teaching.

    Eric Lozano Avatar Eric Lozano

    5 star rating  I have been taking lessons for over a year with Rick and he has been superb! He has always been willing to work with me on whatever I choose--whether it's theory, learning different songs, or anything else (how to properly adjust your strap, changing strings and stretching them afterwards, what to look for in an amp--whatever). I look forward to every week's lesson, and he's just generally a pretty cool guy. Always a pleasure!

    John Lewis Avatar John Lewis

    5 star rating  Rick has been teaching my daughter to play guitar for almost two years. She sometimes goes to the lesson a bit grumpy but always when she leaves she is upbeat and enthusiastic. He is consistently patient and kind. I’d recommend him whole heartedly. He rocks!

    Audrey Marie Avatar Audrey Marie
  • 5 star rating  I'm 41 years old and just decided this year that I wanted to learn guitar. I had no musical training whatsoever, other than some recorder lessons in grade school. Rick has been a fantastic teacher, and I'm very glad that I found him. Not only has he been very patient, he's been encouraging and a pleasure to talk to. I'll be continuing to take lessons with Rick, and if you're looking for lessons yourself, I highly recommend you give him a try!

    Nick Garcia Avatar Nick Garcia

    5 star rating  Been taking lessons as a beginner guitarist for a few months with Rick,he’s an excellent teacher,highly recommend

    rr knude Avatar rr knude

    5 star rating  I've been getting lessons from Rick for about a year now and it's been a great experience. I had no guitar experience, I just woke up one day and said I wanted to learn, and I've made so much progress from our initial lesson. Rick's incredibly patient, keeps me engaged by challenging me with new songs to learn and creates a really fun learning experience. I highly recommend him if you're interested in taking lessons!

    Justine Jephson Avatar Justine Jephson
  • 5 star rating  Rick had been teaching our 11 year old daughter for over a year. She has made a lot of progress as a beginner--Rick is so patient with her. Beyond the fundamentals she is learning, Rick also works with her on pop songs in which she has interest. Rick is flexible and a good communicator. He also gives very good feedback to keep my daughter on track. I highly recommend Rick and learnguitarpdx!!

    Shannon Miller Avatar Shannon Miller

    5 star rating  Rick has been teaching guitar to our teen son for a couple of years, and I would definitely recommend him. He is patient and kind while also providing enough push and motivation to keep our son continually learning and improving his skills. He has made it fun for our son and has helped him learn a few of his most favorite songs along the way. We look forward to continuing lessons with Rick for the foreseeable future.

    Alice Wright Avatar Alice Wright

    5 star rating  Rick is a gifted teacher, offering structure to the student's musical interest with a relaxed approach and genuine enthusiasm for the craft. He allows the student to feel comfortable with the learning process from the beginning, enabling them to grow the confidence needed to truly enjoy it. I'm listening to my son practice right now- it brings joy to my heart to hear him learning songs he always wanted to play and creating the sounds he always wanted to hear. The gift of music is a gift for life. Priceless.

    Grace Lee Avatar Grace Lee
  • 5 star rating  Howdy, I'm a beginner guitarist who has been taking lessons from Rick for a while now. He's a very relaxed, skilled, and encouraging teacher. I really appreciate the opportunity to give input on what types of music or specific songs I'd like to work on. Rick gives regular instruction on music theory along with technique that is very helpful the more I practice. I'd recommend Rick to anyone wanting to improve their guitar playing.

    Dave Pell Avatar Dave Pell

    5 star rating  Rick doesn't rush me to the dead corner if I can't play the thing. He's nice and supportive. I feel more comfortable picking the strings. My dexterity goes up with each exercise. Also, he plays pretty nice music. Check out on SoundCloud!

    Dat Nguyen Avatar Dat Nguyen

    5 star rating  My daughter is 11 and takes lessons with Rick. We could not be happier with the lessons! His communication style is perfect with kids, authentic, kind, direct and funny. My daughter loves the lessons and talks about how much she loves them with her friends. The lessons themselves a a good balance of theory, music literacy and creative invention. I also love the consistency of the lessons and how my daughter is able to work on a project from beginning to end over a a series of many lessons and to feel the success of pulling off a difficult piece completely. Rick is the best!

    Mya Root Avatar Mya Root
  • 5 star rating  I fully echo the positive reviews others have left. Rick has been nothing but patient and encouraging since I first started guitar lessons seven months ago. I was a complete novice and didn’t know what to expect, but he has always proven to be a great teacher. Even when my chords would make others cringe, he is positive about my progress and emphasizes what I have gotten right. He even gives out stickers! Would definitely recommend him to others.

    Julee Welch Avatar Julee Welch

    5 star rating  Rick is a rad teacher!

    After a few months of failing to teach myself guitar, I started taking lessons from Rick. As an adult with absolutely no musical experience at all, Rick made any nervousness about being "too old to learn" dissipate immediately. He's hilarious, so kind, and his encouragement and support is unwavering. His belief in his students is unmatched.

    He really cares about his students and takes interest in catering musical selections to be based on your favorite bands and songs. He's great at gauging musical taste and coming up with songs to play within your skill level.

    I give Rick 5 stars and a high-five!

    Ellen West Avatar Ellen West

    5 star rating  Rick is an extremely knowledgeable, patient and helpful guitar teacher. He breaks down the theory in a way that makes it easy to grasp and keeps the material directed towards what you are interested in. Highly recommend for any skill level.

    Casey Emmerling Avatar Casey Emmerling
  • 5 star rating  Rick is clear, attentive and goal oriented. I'm an adult student with a busy life. And on those weeks when my practice does not match our goals he adjusts and works to keep me moving forward. Which I appreciate. Also, I very much appreciate that RIck is an active musician. His passion comes through in his teaching.

    Eric Lozano Avatar Eric Lozano

    5 star rating  Rick is an incredible teacher and a very nice person! I highly recommend lessons with Rick.

    Abigail Susik Avatar Abigail Susik

    5 star rating  My 12 year old has been learning guitar from Rick for over a year now and he has learned quite a bit during this time. We are very pleased with Rick and with my son's achievement. Rick is an awesome teacher, vocalist, and guitarist and we highly recommend him. Our son is excited to learn from Rick and practices at home without being asked to; we don't have to make him do it anymore 🙂 Rick has helped him learn some songs of his choice and any kid would love that kind of tutoring and encouragement. Thank you, Rick!

    Vision Kz Avatar Vision Kz
  • 5 star rating  If you're in the market for a super rad guitar teacher, check out Rick. My son, Quinton, loves him. Rick is cool, patient, hilarious, and just an all around great human. And he's awesome with free spirits!

    Holly Avatar Holly

    5 star rating  Rick is knowledgeable, talented and a natural at teaching. He’s a good listener and knows how to adjust to an individual’s learning style. And, on top of that, he’s fun!

    Nan Avatar Nan

    5 star rating  I've been working with Rick for about 6 months now and I couldn't speak more highly of him as a teacher. I had wanted to learn guitar for years, but couldn't get over the fear of possibly not being good enough (so why bother?). He assured me that many people felt and overcame not only that fear but several other handicaps. In addition to learning how to read music, I'm learning chords, strumming patterns and techniques. Rick makes each lesson varied and enjoyable. We have a lot of laughs and I look forward to each session. His approach to teaching comprises patience, compassion and structure -- three things I needed for this goal to become a reality. I feel that he is as invested in helping me learn as I am in wanting to learn! Thank you for everything, Rick!

    Kelly Lincoln Avatar Kelly Lincoln
  • 5 star rating  I have loved music since the Sixties but I have never been a musician until lately. A few years ago I bought a ukulele and learned to play, completely self taught. I finally decided to buy a guitar a couple of months ago and I knew that I need a good instructor. The first person that I contacted never got back to me, which proved to be very fortunate, because when I searched again I found Rick and Learn Guitar PDX. Rick responded almost immediately and welcomed me to an introductory lesson. After that first meeting I knew that he was what I was looking for in a guitar teacher. He is organized, friendly and ready to lead you on your musical journey. After taking lessons for a couple of months, I couldn't be happier with my progress and my weekly visits with Rick. He is patient, detail oriented and able to connect with musicians of all ages. It feels like you're learning and playing with a friend. I would recommend Rick's lessons to anyone and I feel fortunate to have found an instructor like him.

    Wayne Skall Avatar Wayne Skall

    5 star rating  Taking guitar lessons from Rick has been a great experience. His lessons are a highlight of my week, as he is an incredibly patient and knowledgeable teacher. I've been able to start learning how to play some of my favorite songs, which is awesome and something that felt so frustrating attempting to do on my own. I would highly recommend anyone looking to learn to play guitar, to do so through learn guitar pdx. Also, his dog is ridiculously cute.

    Alexis Andrews Avatar Alexis Andrews

    5 star rating  My daughter has been taking lessons with Rick for some time now, and it's been a great experience! Rick is patient with children, but also really good at holding them accountable in a kind, no-nonsense manner. I also appreciate that he uses not only the sometimes dry lesson book but also teaches pop and rock songs that my daughter adores, and customizes them so they're at the right skill level when needed. This has kept lessons interesting and fresh. I would highly recommend Rick as a teacher for children or adults. My kiddo is his biggest fan!

    Jami Ferraris Avatar Jami Ferraris
  • 5 star rating  I’ve been taking lessons from Rick for a few months now. Overall he’s a great teacher with lots of patience. Learning the guitar as a beginner can be frustrating and difficult at times, but he does a good job motivating me to persevere and that it’s alright to make mistakes. I would definitely recommend Rick whether you are brand new and picking up the guitar for the first time, or if you have experience and would like to better your skills and techniques.

    Andrew Ashley Avatar Andrew Ashley

    5 star rating  Been taking lessons for nearly a year now. Rick is always very patient, knowledgeable, and friendly. He is willing to give you everything you need to really learn how to play music. Highly recommended!!!

    Mathew Williams Avatar Mathew Williams

    5 star rating  I’m retired and have time to take guitar lessons. I’m so glad to have found Rick to teach me. He is very patient, clear instructions, and knowledgeable. I would recommend Rick for any age group. Thanks Rick!

    Monica Faricy Avatar Monica Faricy