My Music

If you’re considering taking guitar lessons from me, I thought you might first like to hear my music. So, here is a random selection of pieces I’ve composed. They’re all quite different from one another. I believe that musicians should experiment with as many different styles of music as possible. You never know what you might learn by challenging yourself to do something you wouldn’t normally do. I hope you like them. Thanks for listening. When you’re done, click here to sign up for lessons.

This is the most recent track that I wrote for my upcoming solo album. On it, I sing and play bass, acoustic, and electric guitars, and synthesizer. The drums were sequenced in Ableton Live. Harmony vocals courtesy of Shenyah Webb of Lithopedion.

This is the title track from my previous band, Invisible Orchestra’s The Bird album. A cyclical piece about the life-cycle of a bird. The intro was inspired by Philip Glass’ 1000 Airplanes on the Roof, and it borrows a bit from the blues, as well. Namely, the shuffle feel and the slide solo.

September is another track from my band, Invisible Orchestra’s album, The Bird. I play guitar and sing on this one. The album is available for download on cdbaby.

This track is called Palaquium Gutta, which is the scientific name for an East-Indian rubber tree. The song is composed entirely out of rubber band sound samples. True, it’s not guitar music per se, but I did learn to play all of the parts on guitar after composing it. Sometimes, self-imposed limitations are great for creativity.

This track was commissioned by a luxury health spa. The spa never became a reality, but the track was an interesting experiment for me. No beats, no guitars, no nasty synthesizers. It takes a bit to develop, but is excellent meditation music, if I do say so myself. Listen to it if you’re getting frustrated with learning something new on the guitar.


“Rick’s lessons and teachings will leave a permanent positive impact on the way you look at guitar.”

-Tony I.